Here's the whole family (Pictured Left to Right).
Marty, Amy, Phillip, Carol, Ben, and Julie.

My name is Ben, and I will be narrating our story. This is me with my wife, Racheal and our daugthers, Marlo and Celia.

My mother, Carol, was a Copple.  If you have been around Herefords for very long, you may remember Bill and Harriet Copple (Pictured Below on the left).  They started some of our registered herd in the 1960’S.  They left this world while still promoting performance Herefords.  Bill and grandad Page Copple had a long history producing and fattening cattle, much like the Thomas Family.

Our History

My parents, Carol and Phillip live on the farm north of Trenton, MO as does Danny.  I live on the Copple farm Southeast of Trenton, with my wife, Racheal and our two young daughters, Marlo and Celia. 

Ben Thomas and family located in Trenton Missouri.
Bill and Harriet Copple
Phillip Thomas and Bill Copple

Here Phillip is on the left and Bill is on the right.

Thomas Family located in Trenton Missouri.
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