We are pleased to introduce three of our older herd bulls.  For information regarding semen purchases please contact Ben.

Herd Sires

Herd Sire 18A

SCHU-LAR 18A OF 015 22S {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43379019)


Click on link below to view 18A epd/pedigree:



This picture is of 18A as a yearling.  He is a very well made On Target son, lots of rib and hip.  He sheds early and has done a great job on our fescue.  He is goggle eyed and tends to stamp his calves with those.  His performance and look are impressive and we are excited to be able to offer a nice lineup of his sons this spring.   

Herd Sire 307: 

SCHU-LAR 307 OF 010 R294 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43424032)


Click on the link below for 307’s epd/pedigree:



This bull is out of a standout cow from the Schu-Lar program.  There is a picture of his dam of distinction mother below.  He has excellent phenotype and tremendous performance.  We have been using him on our heifers, without issue.  We have several daughters and they are sharp. 

Herd Sire 101Y



Click the link below for 101Y’s epd/pedigree:



We bought 101Y last year from EFBeef.  He is a very nice looking bull with lots of power.  In addition to an impressive set of epd.’s, he was equally impressive on the fescue where he stays borderline fat year round. 

Here is a picture of Herd Sire 307's Mother as referenced in the footnotes for him. 

 We hope you enjoyed checking out the Herd Sires we have available. Now, enjoy our Vitaferm Mineral page!