With several generations of commercial cattle production, our motivation is naturally geared toward performance with the commercial and registered groups.  Our deep ribbed, moderate framed cattle are well equipped to excel in our environment. A lot of thought goes into our breeding decisions to ensure that we are reproducing profitable cattle loaded with performance that are enjoyable to own. We use A.I. to test outcross genetics and also to address each cow specifically. We are currently utilizing embryo work to maximize our best.


We are proud to be Gold TPR breeders which means that we gather and submit birth, weaning, yearling wts, scrotal, teat / udder scores, calving ease rating, reproductive status, docility scores and have the yearlings ultrasounded for carcass merit.  These weights and measures are crucial to keep the breed heading in the right direction.  Used in conjunction with a keen eye, this info is very useful for our selection.  We would be happy to show you any of our records to aid in your decision.

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